Unorthodox Blackjack – Unordinary Strategy

The biggest problem with using this Unorthodox Blackjack strategy is betting large amounts of money that do not make it into the pot. There are a couple of ways to prevent this. Always bet when you can afford to lose a little bit. You do not want to have your pocket cards all filled up when you are unable to make a call because you have bet too much.

Unorthodox Blackjack

Another way to prevent getting too greedy is to have a firm grasp on your own hand size. Always remember that it is the size of your wallet that is keeping you in the game. Do not get greedy when it comes to betting. In the long run, the bigger hands will win the pot no matter what. You need to remember this and stay disciplined.

Blackjack is not about luck. You do not get anything for nothing. This is one of the oldest and most trusted Unorthodox Blackjack strategy that has always worked. You need to calculate the odds. Once you have calculated the odds, you need to know that you will probably win.

This is an excellent Unorthodox Blackjack strategy that many players overlook. When you are betting, never ever fold even when you have a weak hand. Failing to fold your cards will only cause your opponents to increase their bet and make you have to deal with stronger cards and multi-suit pairs. After the flop, fold and be ready to face another strong player.

When folding, always keep your betting at a bet limit that you are comfortable with. Never let your poker chips get out of control or they might lose their stability. If you start out by betting too much on a hand that you are already having trouble with, then the game will not go according to plan.


In Holdem Poker, it is very important that you determine your table image before you start betting. This helps you know what kind of person that you are up against before you even begin the game. Do you tend to fold easily? Do you like to count cards? These are things that you should find out before you start betting. You should never go into a game without knowing your table image because this is one thing that can help you out in Unlawful Blackjack Strategy.