The interesting side of Bola Tangkas games

The interesting side of Bola Tangkas games. And the interesting side of Bola Tangkas games is that bettors who are say to be lucky on the table deserve to get different betting bonuses. For bettors who are professionals, they know this interesting side very well. Now, for more details, I will tell all of you. These are the bonuses contain in Bola Tangkas games, including:

Roll-Over Bonus

This bonus is quite interesting because it can increase by itself in each round when the player has placed the bet.

Full-House Bonus

This bonus can be taken by all players, provide that each of them gets a Full House card combination and for the calculation that can be obtained from this bonus is 10x the initial bet placement.

Pure Bonus

If you get this bonus, then you are entitle to get x2 bonus for the Four of a Kind card combination.

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Full-Bet Bonus

This bonus can only be obtained if you place a maximum bet of x4 and get a Four of a Kind card combination. At first glance the Full-Bet bonus is very similar to the Roll-Over bonus.

Jackpot Bonus

This bonus is a bonus that is often expect by players because it always provides a large amount of value and its arrival is uncertain. That means each bettor including yourself is entitle to get this bonus. The amount that can be obtained from the Jackpot bonus is multiplied, depending on the amount staked.

Those are some aspects of the online fast soccer betting game that you should know. Hopefully this information can provide insight for you so that you can get a win when playing the game. Immediately register yourself on the reliable Bola Tangkas website so you can get big profits easily.